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Open World Experiences

Virtue of Reality

Gamified original narrative tracks and interactive installations complete this unique and totally explorable sci-fi world.

Experience Design

Storytelling captured through your senses!

An award-winning designer who can carry a project from idealization into a successful reality, varying in size and styles. Experienced in production, artistic direction, stage direction, and management.

Using multidisciplinary knowledge, creative thinking, and strategic planning, your experiences will reach a captivating and empathic connection with your clients and guests.

Passionate about creating conceptsimmersive and interactive theater, brand activations, and experiential events.

Invisible Cities_edited.jpg
Group 5 5_edited.jpg

(Audience feedback from Virtue of Reality)

Creative Writing

Creating compelling narratives that move the participants to reflect on themselves!!

Experienced in creating immersive scripts for an open-world theater show with more than ten characters, interactive scripts, and a song, I find creating original narratives and content stimulating. My work leads participants to find themselves in the story!

Let's create:

  • Scripts

  • Slogans

  • Songs

  • Jingles

Professional translator: (English & Spanish)

Trilingual: English, Spanish, Italian

Actor Training

Creating characters that will deeply connect with your audience.

Experienced in immersive and interactive acting with an extensive background in improv theater, proscenium theater, and performance art. I help actors find a sense of purpose and complexity in their characters. The characterization process is the first step to engage and connect with your audience and colleagues.

  • Be relatable

  • Make Thoughtful Choices

  • Build Relationships


Set,Props,Puppet Design

Everything has a soul and tells its own story!

Taking advantage of the surrounding environment, design theory, using natural materials, contrast, color schemes, the emotion of colors, and the emotional reaction of smells and materials clients will receive a final product that complements their narrative and tells its own story!

Expert: Set dresser, rod and shadow puppetry, costume coordination, paper-mache technique, headpieces, paper art, collage art, .

Now Playing!

Immersive theatrical journey where the audience decides the fate of our main character by  hopefully discovering something about themselves. Using elements of escape rooms, immersive theater, projection mapping, and  interactive design audience members work together to find clues that will help them make the right decisions to find justice in this modern story.



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