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Bohemian Rhapsody  Ride


Personal Project

The Story

In honor of my favorite band, Queen, and the new interest people are demonstrating towards them thanks to the 2018 movie Bohemian Rhapsody, I decided to create a roller coaster themed and timed to the song.

The idea comes inspired by Disneys’s Hollywood Studios Aerosmith roller coaster and Tower of Terror.

A roller coaster that is also part funhouse, part hunted house and part bumper cars. The guests are the star of the show. Freddie Mercury did not want to be taken too seriously, but he was more than just a rock star. Queen's music has touched so many souls and this song is one of the best songs in history. The ride gathers many aspects of the band's history and memorabilia.  And some anecdotes have also been taken into account to build the world.


When boarding the roller coaster, it’s all foggy like a  rock concert. There are lights and cameras flashes coming at the guest. The roller coaster starts going up and you see the opening image of the official video from the song. The cart goes on a steep hill until guests enter between the band members to another room.

QUEEN faces with Freddy.png
freddy piano.jpeg


You are in a dark round room with a hologram of Freddie Mercury playing the piano just for you. Real fans will be mesmerized watching Freddie playing intimately for them.



You go on a stairway to heaven. On the way up you see the band members dressed like mischievous angels and surrounded by all the wild beautiful things the band members adored. For example kitties, instruments, midgets...Guests reach the top on the line "I don’t want to die. Sometimes wish I was never been born at all." Here the window into the park opens and they can see all the park from above.

heaven Queen_edited.jpg



Once the window into the park opens and guests see how high they are a big drop from heaven starts an intense ride, with loops, sharp turns, and big drops. A series of symbols from the underworld start to appear. Including fire arrows, the zodiac symbols of the band members and a whirlpool of lost souls will reel you into a dark room and the ride completely stops.



People find themselves in a completely dark room, silhouettes of the band members start to appear. People feel surrounded by these images. Then the faces of the riders also start to show up in the 360 projections. On minute 3:27, when the song says magnifico, the cart detaches and acts as a bumper car. Projections of hands become psychedelic patterns which the cart keeps bumping and turning away from. This room is design to make the guest feel trapped.

bumper car bohemian_edited.jpg
Bohemian rapsody drawing.png
Queen roller coaster.png



The band was known for its eccentric parties and this is where the party begins. As the doors open, a big dragon throwing fire will meet you at the top of a big drop. Sharp turns and loops together with all sorts of fun eccentric images from the band's past party life will bring guests into the band's world.



Everything calms down and we listen to the end of the song feeling a light breeze. Guests are showered with stage lights and applause in celebration of this wonderful masterpiece and having made it through the ride alive. They disembark after the line of the song: “Anywhere the wind blows” ….

Queen lights.png
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