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Theater Resume



The Virtue of Reality, CU Boulder Carlson Gym, September 2019

Director, Scriptwriter, Costume Designer, Actress(guide), Concept Designer

Final thesis project for the MFA Program in Experience Design. We as a cohort design the concept, scenery, and wrote the story. It was a sci-fi immersive show about mass consumption and the conservation of our planet.


The Shining Ball, October 2018

Immersive Party at the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

Actress part of devised work commission to the D.C. company  TBD Immersive based on the movie The Shining.


Gems World Academy Early Years, September 2013 – July 2018

Chicago, Illinois-Theater/Spanish Teacher

Children are introduced to different theater techniques and public speaking through games and the interpretations of different books. We create two show a year for parents and staff. I also organized the autumn festival Boo Fest and helped with the winter and summer festivals for the school.


The Little Big Princess, North Park University, Chicago, Il. May 2018

Director, puppeteer(Little  Big Princess), script adaptor, stage designer, workshop facilitator, and producer.


ITINERANT 2017, New York City’s annual Performance Art Festival, May/2017

Multimedia Performance Piece in collaboration with artist stofer&stofer. The performance Guts Reloaded is the opening piece of my bigger immersive show Guts. 


The Judging Robot

Screwing the Pieces by Alba Soto, April 2017

Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Chicago,Il. , Creative Director of Piece/Performer

Immersive Theatrical Performance art piece, light installation, and sound


Invisible Space

Festival Internazionale della Danza (FIND), August 2016-September 2016

Cagliari, Italy, Assistant Artistic Director/Actress/Teacher


Skeleton’s Family Adventure with a Wacky Witchy Bruja, October 2015/ October 2016

Voice of the City 2016/Pendulum Theater 2015, Chicago,Il. Director/writer/actress

Original children play where children are invited to participate and interact with the actor and set. It includes puppetry and original songs.


In/visible Cities Urban Multimedia Festival, May 2015– June 2015

Gorizia Italy  Co-Director, actress, and Workshop facilitator

Artistic residency in collaboration with Karim Galici, where we created a sensorial theater workshop and using this technique, we created a theatrical immersive experience based on the play by Italo Calvino/Invisible Cities. The play Viaggio nella Citta Invisibile is an immersive multimedia sensory theater show.


The Vagina Monologues, April 2015

Three monologues: They killed the woman inside of me, The woman who liked to please other women, and Cunt

Benito Juarez High School: Chicago, IL. Performer

Fundraiser for Mujeres Latinas en Acción


My Great Exploration,  October 2014

Salonathon, Beauty Bar Chicago

Stand-up comedy self-written and performed


Desde mis Entrañas, May 2013

Madrid/Spain, Director/writer/actress/ producer

Trained 8 actresses on sensory theater techniques for my first Immersive theater production.


Erase una vez a Story: 2009- 2013

Madrid, Spain, Director/writer/actress

Children theater dedicated to encouraging interest and love for the English language through original plays and songs. We acted in different schools and theaters around Madrid.


Quilosa, 2007 – 2011 Madrid

I was one of the founders of this improv theater group. We performed at many venues around Madrid and we had a show every Wednesday at La Casa de los Jacintos.


Iocus Improv Theater Tour,  March 2006, from San Juan, P.R.

Toured Madrid and Italy visiting several cities playing impro sports matches performed in different venues. The tour was filmed and took part in the independent film Il Viaggio. I had a supporting role.

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