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Iceberg vs Trashbergs

Immersive installation based on North American wildlife.


Denver Museum of Science & Nature

My responsibilities

Conceptual Artist an execution.

As part of their community outreach event, Night at the Museum, five Denver based groups were invited to activate five different diorama hallways in an engaging and interesting way. The challenge was to design something that anyone could enjoy. More than 500 people came to this event.

Our vision

To bring awareness of how climate change is affecting our environment and the animals involved. In the North American wildlife exhibit, we brought the dioramas to life by creating an immersive winter environment with recycled materials. We organized our design by beginning in the wolf habitat with a winter wonderland atmosphere. As visitors made their way down the hallway, The landscape slowly turned into icebergs made out of trash, symbolizing the evident environmental crisis we currently live. It embodies how it is affecting our wildlife.

What to do?

Different stories from North American conservation efforts played from inside our icebergs, along with natural sounds from the different animals inside the dioramas. People were encouraged to play iceberg corn hole to help our little seals fish inside the ice. A video feed of the current state of polar bears in the Arctic was projected onto a taxidermy polar bear we borrowed from the museum. 

Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes less is more. Make sure you have enough time to realize all you have designed in your proposal.

  • Have activities in which people can leave something behind, make them feel like they are a part of the design. 

  • I am trying to be less wasteful in creating art. For this reason always have a way to upcycle, donate or recycle your materials. 

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