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Flying with your senses

Client :

Stantec for Ifly


Experience Designer in collaboration with Erin Carlson.

Our prompt was to design an Ifly in the middle of Time-Square which called attention to the building in such a busy environment. We had to think of ways to appeal to a wider audience. We had to think of ways in which even your grandma would want to go seek thrills in the sky.

What is if the flyer could choose their own adventure?

What if they could have the feeling of flying anywhere in the world without traveling to that place?

Through various types of technology that engage the five senses, the flyer can experience a full sensory adventure.

It is the same great flying experience with a little bit of magic.

Don’t worry about only choosing one adventure!

Everyone will be able to see each others' choices and experiences, thanks to our two-way video tube.

ifly at night.jpg

Through customizable video glass, the flight tube now gives the flyer a 360-degree visual landscape to explore.


The sense of touch will be indulged by air pressure that is used to lift the flyer, giving them the classic sensation of flying. In addition, the use of haptic suits and accessories adds micro sensations, allowing the flyer to experience the weather surrounding them.


While up in the air, surround sound speakers or in-ear headsets will complement the flying experience by bringing in native sounds from the environment the flyer is traversing.


Drifting in the air, a soothing scent rounds out the experience to gives the flyers a truly immersive environment.

The European Experience


Tulip Gardens

Cruise the Tulip Gardens in the Netherlands


Sounds of bells, pipes, and strings play in the distance.

Around you, caressed by a mid-summer breeze, leaves, petals and bees dance.

The colorful tulips delight your sight as a smell of fresh flowers and summertime slowly takes you there.

holland flying.png
boy flying SAVANNA.jpg

The African Experience


Sunrise over the Serengeti



Watch the sunrise over the Serengeti, one of the seven natural wonders of our world.

As you fly across its plains, you will see the world’s biggest mammals in their natural habitat.

Sounds of the savanna surround you as you move across the land, smelling the grassland of the magnificent African plains.

Natural Forces Experience

The Erupting Volcano


Escape from Mount Elba

If you are seeking adventure maybe escaping an erupting volcano will be your thrill.

Be amazed by Sicily’s most spectacular views and feel the power of this spectacular volcano

You will be guided through this adventure with the scents of sulfur and soil as the deep rumble overtakes your body pushing you to escape from danger.

kid flying erupting volcano.jpg

The Ocean Experience


The Arctic Sea


During takeoff, the sounds of birds begin to emerge from a distance


As you fly, you are

surrounded by the beautiful views of the Arctic Sea.


A briny smell of saltwater will allure your scent receptors, bringing you right into the middle of the action.

Suddenly, a school of hunchback whales immerges from the waves, creating a spectacular show just for you.

whale dancing with girl.jpg

BUT WAIT...The experience is not over yet!

After the experience, the IskyLounge is the next stop.

Supplied with unique dishes and beverages that correspond to the customizable flying experiences, we round out the fifth sense with gustation.

Not only can you dine upon a delicious meal, but the lounge also gives the customer two great views and interactive entertainment.

Instead of sitting on the roof of the building, the lounge surrounds the flight tube, like a balcony. This gives the customer the view of the flyers enjoying their adventures as well as the bustle of New York City.

clouds bar.jpeg
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