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The Lorax Experience

Indoor playground and environmental learning center, with weekly immersive theater shows based on the Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  


Personal Project

This space was created to be experienced in many different ways. People can come and participate in a show. They can stay after the show and do an hour class on gardening, sustainable living or art. The space also works as a playground where patrons can come to just play in a beautiful environment.

The immersive theater experience brings families into the magical jungle world of The Lorax. Your family, the Lorax, and friends can discover this magical jungle together while you play, sing and dance with them. But beware of the tricky Mr. Onceler who will soon come to ruin the fun and destroy all the natural wonders with his stinky factory. Come see how the environment transforms from a beautiful jungle into a sad environmental misfortune.  Find out what you can do to help the Lorax in this exciting adventure. It is an intimate show, only 35 guests are allowed to come in every 40 minutes.


The jungle area of the facilities will stay open at certain times as a playground where patrons can play freely in a jungle immersive world. The characters will only be there during showtimes.

Our learning center will have different weekly topics and classes are all related to sustainable living and creativity. Stay after the show or be part of the family by becoming a member and enjoying all of the exciting classes we have to offer.

Scene 1

Inspiration pictures

Lorax Playground color.png

Playground Jungle

When families come into the Lorax Jungle they find a completely explorable playground. There you can find the Lorax's house where you can climb your way to the top slide and go down the slide into the house or you can take "The road of the Lifted Lorax" to reach the entrance.

Children can also fly on the back of a swami swan or sing and dance with the humming fish animatronics.


Lorax House

Slide into the house! There you can find plans which tell you how the Lorax protects the ecosystem of the jungle, how they collaborate with each of the habitats for sustainability, and descriptions of what each species of animals bring to the community. You can also see the life cycle of the truffula trees and how long it takes them to grow but most importantly, why are they so valuable to the environment.


Free Play Time

During the first twenty minutes of the show, families will have the opportunity to play with the inhabitants of the jungle and the characters will establish relationships with our visitors by telling them stories of the jungle and how much they love their environment.



The Lorax: He is the keeper of the town. Acts as the Mayor and head of agriculture.

Swami swans: They protect the jungle from the air. They scavenge for supplies, provide mail services and they can give you a ride across the jungle.

Humming Fish: They keep the water system clean and provide entertainment to everyone with their beautiful songs.


Brown babalots: They are fruit gatherers for the community, gathering truffula fruit for everyone to eat. They also keep everyone in shape with their funny acrobatic dance routines. 


pink cotton candy_edited.jpg

Cotton candy that simulates truffula trees

The Onceler: Everything changes when he comes into the picture. The lighting, music, and focus turns all towards him. He comes in his wagon and quickly starts building his shop soon to be Empire.

The wagon works as a portal into his store. In the store, he does his famous musical number Everybody needs a Kneed. The store opens up the world of the Onceler, his factory. There we get to hear his side of the story.

By the end of this scene, children have established a good relationship with the inhabitants of the jungle.

Scene 2

Inspiration pictures

The Factory

At the factory, the Onceler quickly puts our guests to work. Everyone becomes an employee for his big Empire. It has different rooms that open as the story unfolds


  • Human Size Whack-a-Mole: be careful don't get chopped by the axes. Children run on a moving round platform while being attacked by axes from a 360 projection.

  • Ride the Conveyor Belt in a box shape car.

  • Imagination Playground: building the factory with Mr. Onceler.

  • Celebrate the factory's success at its big company party. 

All of these experiences will tastefully engage kids in the building of the factory. The script will tastefully touch on subjects of sustainability, company policies, and child labor. 

Making kids share the responsibility of the factory will make them realize that we are all responsible for the conservation of our planet--not only with our actions, but we should also be aware of the products we consume and how they are made.

Scenes 3

The Polluted Jungle

When the last truffula tree is cut down, they will have to abandon the factory. Children will find themselves back in the jungle. It is an unwelcoming environment. There are no more truffula trees to be seen. Children see all their friendly characters back but they are not joyful. Now they are sad because they all have to leave their homes. 


The Onceler apologizes for what he has done and asks the kids for forgiveness. He and the Lorax do a final musical number and tell the kids they are the hope for the jungle.

The Onceler gives seeds to every kid to take with them.

Oncelers area.png

The jungle now has a very different look. All the color has gone and all the fun elements have disappeared.

Even though the story has a sad ending they should feel hopeful that they are the key to rebuild the jungle and help the Lorax and friends. Hopefully, guests will leave the show feeling inspired to create change in their own ways of consuming.

Exit through the sustainable store and awareness center

Our mission is to create awareness and inspire social change in our community. For these reasons, our store only carries sustainable products with educated staff to teach people all about our natural theme.

The facility also has two areas where classes, meetings, and small private events can be held.

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